How to Exude Confidence and Feel Beautiful in Photographs​

A lot of people do not like getting photographed and do not feel beautiful in photographs because they lack the confidence and do not feel comfortable. It is very important that clients feel beautiful during a photo shoot so here is a compilation of ideas to help them feel confident. The list applies to both men and women and hopes to make them feel great when they have their photographs taken.

Ashleigh Long has been a professional photographer for many years and has captured the beauty and essence of people and events on pictures. Below are some helpful tips so you will feel beautiful in photographs and gain confidence.

Wear comfortable clothes.

A prime reason why most people feel uncomfortable during photo shoots is because of their tummies.  People will often wear formal and tight-fitting clothes because they think it would look good. When it comes to photographs it is important to wear loose shirts. Men would look equally good with button-up shirts that are slightly loose. Ladies can wear long cotton skirts and flowing blouses. Wearing comfortable clothes adds more to the confidence level during sessions.

Wear the right dress or shirt sleeves.

The upper part of the body especially the arms can cause some concern for some people. The older we get older our arms may feel flappy and softer. Many people would like to hide this. For women, there are many shirts and dresses that have quarter-length sleeves. These would be great for hiding the upper arms and would look great in photos.  Men can choose button-up shorts with rolled-up sleeves.

Scarves are great accessories to wear.

Ladies do not want their necks shown. The solution for this is to wear a scarf. The scarf also adds color to your attire. You can shop for one prior to the shoot especially when you already know what you are going to wear.

If scarves are not your thing, then I can tell you what pose to make during the photo shoot.

In conclusion, it is possible to feel beautiful and confident on photographs. When you work with a professional photographer, you are assured that the best equipment and lighting is used. With Ashleigh Long Photography, you will be guided all along to give the most natural poses and smiles. Ashleigh Long Photography guarantees will shoot photographs until we capture the perfect one.

When I have initial meetings with clients, I usually ask which areas of the body you would not like me to focus on.  Do not hesitate or be shy about this since this is very valuable information.

It is my goal to make clients feel confident and beautiful during photo shoots and to capture their natural essence. I want clients to smile and have fun. Let us create wonderful memories and photographs together! Give Ashleigh Long Photography a call or connect through the website and let me take care of how you can look beautiful in photographs.

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