How to Exude Confidence and Feel Beautiful in Photographs​

I can’t tell you how often I hear; what should I wear, I don’t want to look fat, can you photoshop out x,y,&z, etc. The truth is, if you put too much thought into it, you are going to take away for the actual experience. Be your true self. If you feel comfortable in the outfits you choose to wear it will show in your photos. Don’t wear something that you would never wear in real life, or that you are going to be adjusting or focusing on all day. Wear what makes you feel like you.

Ashleigh Long has been photographing couples for almost 2 decades. Below are some helpful tips that hopefully will leave you feeling beautiful in photographs as well as help with your confidence in choosing the right look.

Wear comfortable clothes.

THIS IS HUGE! Don’t wear something you are going to be concerned about all day or something you can’t freely move around in. Your sessions will have movement involved. Keep that in mind and try to not wear something overly restrictive.

Wear colors that compliment one another.

coming soon…

Accessories– I’m here for it all.

coming soon…

It’s absolutely our goal to offer as much support and help in styling your session. We want it to be a success for the both of us! I want you to leave your shoot feeling like the bad ass rockstar that you are. And looking back on the photos and not worrying about all the little details. I want your focus to be your connection together. Don’t forget to have fun. We are here for it!!! Give Ashleigh Long Photography a call or connect through the website and let’s chat!! We are all in this together!

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