Why an Outdoor Photo Shoot is a Good Option

A studio photo shoot session has many benefits including light and temperature control. But an outdoor photo shoot session is a good way to show spontaneity and natural background.  There is a certain fulfillment for both subject and photographer when doing a non-studio session. It is more fun!

Take advantage of the season.

The summer months is a good time to do an outdoor photo shoot session. You can have this in a park, the beach or have the city skyline as a background.  There is also no need to worry about what to wear since the season calls for comfortable, loose clothing to go with the carefree spirit.

Autumn is another season that is suited for an outdoor photo session.  The fallen leaves and the cool environment would be great to capture on a photograph,

Have an amazing scenery!

As a professional photographer, I do all kinds of shoots in many locations. I make sure that couples and families have stunning backgrounds.  The background may not be the main attraction of the images, it can certainly add to the occasion and memories. Some wide and scenic shots in the loveliest pose and casual lifestyle image would make the photographs frame worthy.

A variety of shots

Outdoor photo shoot sessions provide an opportunity for alternative shots and backgrounds. These increases the visual interest and versatility of the images,

A group shot can be taken in front of an old tree. Children can be photographed walking with the family dog. The bride’s smiling face can be captured against a cloudy blue sky.

Other background ideas: an open field with green trees in the background; a beautiful bridge; your new home; sand dunes on the beach; against large rocks or boulders; fences and park benches,

Every background are ready props that can make your images fun and natural!

Make the session a fun excursion!

The photo sessions must be planned, and this can be a family event. Pack a picnic basket and wear comfortable shoes and clothes. The session must have a relaxed and happy atmosphere so this can be exuded in the images. Children will be excited for a beach session or in the park rather than sitting in a studio.

Candid and natural images made in a beautiful background results in genuine smiles that would make those photos extra special.

Outdoor photo sessions help you to relax.

An outdoor session will certainly have some wind-blown hair which would be gorgeous in images. In studio-based sessions, this can get formal, and you might feel stiff and uncomfortable.  Picture a casual and natural setting that can certainly be relaxing. You can wear less makeup and just brush your hair up and we are ready to shoot! It is easer for a professional photographer to capture a mix of candid lifestyle images and posed portraits in this kind of setting.

Are you ready to book an outdoor photo session?

When you choose an outdoor photo shoot, I will help you to pinpoint an ideal location with minimum distraction. Having this kind of photo shoot requires planning, U guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the results. Ashleigh Long Photography has years of experience and you will be in good hands! Contact me today for more information on locations and other details.

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