Ways to Protect Your Photographs

It is very vital to protect your photographs. The genealogy of one’s family is a significant part for many of us. There are cases when old photographs are kept as treasures and the desire to keep them safe is foremost in our minds.  Today, I will discuss about the preservation and safekeeping of photographs so that they will last for a long time to be enjoyed by the future generations. This article will discuss how these priceless photographs can last for ages due to advances in technology.

The Story Behind this Article

I was asked to do a wedding photo shoot when I chanced upon a conversation with a kind gentleman in his 80s. His grandson was the groom, and he was quite excited. While I was preparing for the shoot, he pulled out a binder and inside were photographs that were obviously old. It was a remarkable experience for me because I rarely see pictures preserved and still so beautiful. The photos showed a wedding – his wedding and a blooming bride on that special day. We chatted about how he was able to preserve this wonderful heirloom. He told me that he had the originals professionally scanned and then he compiled these into a binder with some written note about the photograph. This was a wonderful way to keep family history and pass the binder to his grandchildren.

The inspiration to create this article came to mind and to share this with my clients and anyone interested to protect your photographs for the younger generation to enjoy.

Here are some tips on how to protect your photographs:

Do not handle the photos directly.

Any historian dealing with old documents will tell you that our hands can secrete oil, and this may damage the photograph that is sensitive.  Use acid and dust free gloves when you must touch the photo. This will keep the photo in good condition that would last for a longer period.

Have portraits professionally framed for added protection.

What sure way to protect your photographs by having them framed professionally. This assures that dust particles will not get into the pictures causing them to deteriorate. Professional framers can see to it that the frame is sealed. A framed photograph will last for a long time and will also look good hanging in your home.  Keep the framed photos away from sunlight to avoid fading. A perfect place to hang frames would be in a dim or dark potion of the home with ample artificial light.

Have precious photos professionally scanned.

Technology now makes it possible to further preserve your precious photographs. You can have a professional scan those photographs and store them on digital format or re-print them and have been on a binder or book.  This will keep your heirloom history safe and can be readily available.

By now, you would have realized how important photographs are because they tell us stories of the past.  There is a need to protect your photographs from deterioration and damage. By following the simple ways outlined, you will be able to keep those photos with you for a long time.

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